While visiting the Mall of America in the summer of 2011, I happened upon a display by the US Geological Survey. I was entranced by the beautiful images of earth taken from environmental satellites used for scientific research.  Instruments on these satellites measure light outside of the visible range and produce images that reveal features and patterns not always visible to the naked eye.The result is a glimpse of earth never seen before, with captivating colors and textures.

Inspired, I came home and began what was to become a body of 18 paintings and mixed media pieces using watercolor, acrylic, oil paints, tissue paper, and string, among other various textural elements. The first painting I did was the Kamchatka Peninsula, and I am still producing more pieces each week. These original paintings are available for sale, as well as high-quality giclee prints, matted and framed for immediate use in your home or gallery. Please contact me for pricing information.

For further information about this project, please follow this link: NASA "Earth As Art"